Our Approach to Care

We customize and vary our approach based on your specific individual needs.

Our therapists combined expertise provide guidance and treatment for a range of concerns, emotions, and situations. We connect with you through our secure platform, at your convenience, in a comfortable and private setting of your choice.

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Delayed Development or Impaired Function

Feeding Difficulties

Coping Techniques

This service will help all children with anxiety, depression, excessive anger, fears, and worries.

Trauma for Children

This service is for children who have faced physical or emotional trauma.

Psychiatric Services for Children

This service is for prescription medication assessment to treat conditions including, but not limited to, ADHD, schizorphrenia, anxiety, depression and bipolar disorder.

Building a HERO

Emotional Support Animal

Eating Patterns & Behaviors in Pre-Teens and Teens


Social Media Training & Safety for Beginners

Bullying (Cyber & In-Person)

Staying Secure on the Internet

Getting Along



This service is for adults who experience symptoms of nervousness, restlessness, or being tense feelings of danger, panic, or dread.


This service is for individuals who are affected by feelings of hopelessness, sleep disturbance, and loss of interest or pleasure in most normal day routines and activities.

Family Counseling

This service is for those who would like to improve their communication skills & overall family dynamic.

Psychiatric Services

This service is for prescription medication assessment to treat conditions including, but not limited to, ADHD, schizorphrenia, anxiety, depression and bipolar disorder.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

This service is for anyone who suffers from nightmares or unwanted memories of trauma, avoidance of situations that bring back memories of trauma, heightened reactions, anxiety, or depressed mood.

Substance Abuse

This service is for adults who struggle with an inability to control the use of a legal or illegal drug or medication. Substances such as alcohol, marijuana and nicotine also are considered drugs.

What Parents Say

HelloHero has built a revolutionary technology which helps therapists provide better quality therapy. They have excellent therapists! They have an easy-to-use platform and provide one person to call for all of your scheduling needs. Schools would really benefit from working with this company to help improve the lives of children.

Sara K., Parent

Neil’s OHVA Speech Pathologist is working with him on articulating better, and changing inflection of tone….with the use of commands to the puppy. I can tell you that we have the most amazing SLP. To work that into his goals, is genius. We are so impressed with HelloHero.

Parent at Ohio Virtual Academy

My son’s Speech Language Pathologist and his Occupational Therapist are so willing to listen to my input, incorporate my suggestions, and address my questions. The OT he works with thought of very creative, new approaches for his needs. Using my son’s email summary of his weekend as a basis of his speech goals, while she gets more insight to him. All of this will help my son reach his goals faster…and feel he’s working with people that share his interests.

Kristina S., Parent

HelloHero makes it possible for my son to receive valuable information, instruction and learning from the safety of our own home. Wesley’s weak immune system makes him susceptible to germs, bacteria and viruses so not having to take him to school or a local hospital is ideal. This has been an answered prayer for me and my family. I’d like to thank HelloHero for enabling my child to be the best he can be.

Tina K., Parent

I am very grateful and appreciative of the therapist, Mrs. Amy S., and all the work that we have done together. I know that she really cares for my son and I and she has really tried to connect with him and help me find ways to get his behavioral issues under control while also trying to teach him ways to communicate with us. My experience with the people at HelloHero has been wonderful over the past five months and I know that our time together will continue to be a great and wonderful adventurous experience.

Paul D., Parent

I am happy because my child is happy. He loves his sessions and therapists.They are always so positive and yet correct him in a kind way. Even when we’ve been given substitutes they connect with him quickly and provide a productive session. I never have to force him to go to his sessions he willingly goes and is usually early. It has been a wonderful experience.

Yedda J., Parent

Overall great experience, we love the therapist and her willingness to help. My son has applied the learned listening techniques when we are reading and has became more motivated.

Sheenika M., Parent

Our Therapist Amy Portenlanger was great. She saw 2 of my children who are completely different and she was able to help them exactly where they needed. She was always professional and friendly. So pleased to have her as a resource!

Nicole B., Parent

HelloHero is great. I love our speech therapist and have asked her to continue with us in the future.

Tiffanie G., Parent

Keep doing what you’re doing!!! We are so happy to have been apart the HelloHero family during our homeschooling process they have made the speech therapy process as painless as possible for us so to speak.

Tabitha B., Parent

Our experience was very good! Ms. Catalin was amazing with my son and the way she encourages the kids is truly amazing My son Le’Mani would practice even when she an I wasn’t working with him just so he could empress her because he knew she was really proud of him!

Sara G., Parent