What, How and Why

The only way to make this system thrive is by setting up the economics to be fair and equitable for all stakeholders; we do this by aligning everyone’s incentives to “improved outcomes,” let’s call it the “child first” mindset.


Our mission is to empower our schools and our communities with tools and support for optimal health and happiness.


Health and happiness are interconnected. The health of our relationships at home and at school influence and impact our relationships elsewhere. When we help one person, we help the next. By helping myself, I help you and so on. HelloHero provides education & coping support as a foolproof way to secure a better future for us all.


Our organization is built around the principles of trust, courage, collaboration, care and impact. We believe in the value of increasing access to care. We are committed to teaching emotional resilience in our communities & building educational and virtual support for our schools.


We do this by staying true to our core values every day with every person we touch. You will see every team member at HelloHero embodying:


Our Story

Office of Founder and CEO

HelloHero was established in 2018 from modest beginnings and funded by an individual’s 401K plan. We are a healthcare company that offers a multifaceted approach to life’s adversities, supporting individuals, families and schools nationwide.

The passion to serve and provide care to those in need begins with the founder’s own personal childhood experience with learning disabilities. As an adult, he sought to alleviate the same experiences for others like him, by addressing the needs of children in the school system.


In pursuit of this goal, we came to understand the mental health and wellness of individuals and family units outside the school is directly connected to the children we provide and care for. Mental health affects relationships across all communities. The greatest benefit arises in the service of all.

HelloHero was founded to improve the quality of life of our communities. We all have greatness within and we are committed to revealing that greatness.

Founder & CEO of HelloHero

Office of Founder and CEO