What, How and Why

The only way to make this system thrive is by setting up the economics to be fair and equitable for all stakeholders; we do this by aligning everyone’s incentives to “improved outcomes,” let’s call it the “child first” mindset.


Our mission is to increase equity and access to quality pediatric therapy for children with Developmental, Behavioral, Emotional and Physical challenges. HelloHero is building a value-based healthcare framework aimed at restructuring healthcare systems with the overarching goal of ensuring that patients receive the most value possible. Value is defined as health outcomes per unit of costs, which keeps the focus on providing quality over quantity.


Children are our future. Providing them with timely coping support is a full proof way of securing a better future.


We have built a healthcare organization based on the principles of a ‘Value Based Healthcare framework’; we believe this is the solution to increasing access to care. The framework focuses on the overarching goal of delivering quality care. We call it the “child first” mindset.

Office of Founder and CEO

Office of Founder and CEO

Welcome to HelloHero, a healthcare organization that is revolutionizing pediatric care. HelloHero is a collection of courageous/dedicated providers and management staff collaboratively working together to increase access to quality care to children.

The challenges our children face today are unlike any other. The impact is varied; some are having challenges from an emotional and psychological standpoint, hindering children from being successful in life to others having more serious and dangerous repercussions. The services developed by HelloHero address these challenges.

The impact is varied; some are having challenges from an emotional and psychological standpoint, while other impacts can be more severe. Our services are built to preemptively care for the child with the goal of reducing emergency and urgent care.

At HelloHero, we are focusing on various aspects of delivering care; quality of therapy, and using technology intelligently to improve care and reduce cost. We are embarked on a big mission, one bigger than most of us; the building of a fair and equitable system for our children. This means continually striving towards building a more sophisticated technology platform, attracting the best clinicians, and making it easy for health insurance (commercial & Medicaid) to work with us.

At HelloHero, we embarked on a mission bigger than us; providing a fair and equitable healthcare system for our children. This means continually enhancing our sophisticated proprietary technology platform, teaming with the best providers, and partnering with insurance companies to increase coverage.

Our institution was established in 2018 from modest beginnings funded by an individual’s 401K plan. Our organization has come to raise over $10M through investors who embody the “child first” mindset. The incentives of all stakeholders are aligned with improving the healthcare outcomes of our children. Having lived through my own developmental and mental challenges, I know the importance of untainted quality care for children. As we continue to build our organization, I will ensure that all future stakeholders will embody the ‘Child First’ mindset. My personal mission is quality care for your child.

Last but not least, we would be successful without the collaborative efforts of school administrators, teachers, families, insurance companies, and children. On behalf of all at HelloHero, thank you for unwavering support.

Founder and CEO of HelloHero

Office of Founder and CEO

At HelloHero we live by our values

We do this by staying true to our core values every day with every person we touch. You will see every team member at HelloHero embodying:

  • Care
  • Collaboration
  • Trust
  • Courage
  • Impact

Through our commitment to these values, we will not only enable more children, we will reveal the true HERO inside of them.