What Your Child May Be Facing

The building of a HERO is the process of shedding their mask in each stage of life to comfortably reveal their true inner self to unlock their full potential. This program will aid in the development of the building of noble qualities leading to outstanding achievements in life, personal relationships, academics, and sports.

Our Approach

Clinical Approach

Building a HERO requires working with the child to remove any emotional or mental hindrances that get in the way of progress. Being a HERO also requires a support system; hence, we work with parents to help them be the best and strongest support system in the quest of building a HERO. An experienced clinician will spend 1 session with the parent and 2 with the child on a monthly basis.

Child Involvement

Through every developmental stage of your child’s life, he/she will face a new set of psychological, social, emotional, or personal barriers that can hinder your child from achieving their best in life, school, and sports. Through conversation, our clinicians identify all those barriers and provide tools to help your child to overcome those obstacles.

Parental Involvement

A HERO is built with equal parts of good education and good parenting. We aid parents with all the knowledge needed to unleash their HERO in all aspects of life to enhance success.

Subscribed Sessions

3 sessions a month. Each session will last 45 minutes. This is a recurring monthly program.

Schedule a Session

Unsure if your child needs therapy? We provide a free 10 minute ‘Ask A Therapist’ consultation. Schedule here. This is not a clinical consultation or formal evaluation. There is no obligation to sign on for paid services.

Payment Options


Your Credit, Debit, or Health Savings Account Card are all accepted forms of payment. HERO will provide information needed for you to seek reimbursement from your insurance should we not be in the network.