What They Are Facing

“Building A Hero”¬†is HelloHERO signature program, parents and children will master the social and emotional skills necessary to experience success in all aspects¬†of life ranging from academic achievement, extracurricular activities, career aspirations, personal relationships, and fulfilling life goals.

Our Approach

Program Approach

Children learn mainly through observation and modeling.  Therefore, coaches will first work with parents on a particular social and emotional skill.  The child will learn the same social and emotional skill the following week.  If a child is too young to participate in the sessions, the coach will work solely with the parents.

Who Provides Services

A skilled pediatric coach will provide services under the supervision of a licensed mental health professional.

Parental Involvement

This program is for parents who are committed to modeling social and emotional skills for their child.  In order to Build a Hero, parents must be a hero themselves.

Subscribed Sessions

3 sessions a month. Each session will last 45 minutes. This is a recurring monthly program.

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Payment Options


Your Credit or Debit cards are all accepted forms of payment.