What Your Child May Be Facing

This service is for children who are being bullied through various social media platforms, in schools, or other settings.

In the first session, our clinician meets with the parents to understand the challenges with their child and bullying.
The following session will be your child to identify the type of bullying he/she is experiencing, understand its effects, and develop strategies to successfully navigate being bullied.

Our Approach

Clinical Approach

This program has been created by a highly skilled and experienced child psychologist.

Who Provides Services

These services will be provided by skilled pediatric coaches under the supervision of a child psychologist.

Recommended Sessions

Based on needs of the parents. Each session will last 45 minutes.

Schedule a Session

Unsure if your child needs therapy? We provide a free 10 minute ‘Ask A Therapist’ consultation. This is not a clinical consultation or formal evaluation. There is no obligation to sign on for paid services.

Payment Options


Your Credit, Debit, or Health Savings Account Card are all accepted forms of payment. HelloHero will provide information needed for you to seek reimbursement from your insurance should we not be in the network.



Per Session