What Your Child May Be Facing

Some children face difficulty in expressing wants and needs, conducting daily routines (dressing, sleeping, eating), participating in sports, and keeping calm.

The inability to socialize and participate in various settings, problem solve, follow directions, make and keep friends, connect actions with consequences, and maintain personal hygiene are other challenges a child may face.

Our Approach

Clinical Approach

This service is individualized to meet your child’s needs. Our skilled therapists use play and real life scenario techniques to interact with your child.

Who Provides Services

This service is provided by a licensed speech, occupational, physical, and other specialized clinicians.

Parental Involvement

Parent participation is welcome in every session but in some cases where your child is more independent, lesser parent participation can be discussed.

Recommended Sessions

Based on needs of the parents. Each session will last 45 minutes.

Schedule a Session

Unsure if your child needs therapy? We provide a free 10 minute “Ask A Therapist consultation. This is not a clinical consultation or formal Evaluation. There is no obligation to sign on for paid services.

Payment Options


HelloHero is currently in-network with the following insurance plans. Not all services are covered by insurance. Coverage is determined during the insurance eligibility process. We are continuing to add more insurance plans and services to HelloHero.


Your Credit, Debit, or Health Savings Account Card are all accepted forms of payment. HERO will provide information needed for you to seek reimbursement from your insurance should we not be in the network.


We are providers for several state Medicaid plans for many services. Eligibility for coverage will be obtained prior to services.



Per Hour