What Your Child May Be Facing

This service is for children that frequently visit various websites, apps, and other online programs with no understanding of who to engage with, what should be revealed, and what spaces to avoid.


Our Approach

Who Provides Services

This program has been created by a highly skilled and experienced developmental psychologist. These services will be provided by skilled pediatric coaches.

Clinical Approach

The first session provides the parents understanding and education of the dangers of where and how information online is stored and used on all online platforms.

The next two sessions are helping your child learn the threats of cyberspace, identify when and what information to share online, and what spaces to avoid.
The last session is with the parents to help reinforce the strategies given to their child.

Parental Involvement

2 sessions required for parents.

Prescribed Sessions

2 session with parents and 2 with child. Each session will last 45 minutes.

Schedule a Session

Payment Options


Your Credit or Debit cards are all accepted forms of payment. HelloHERO will provide information needed for you to seek reimbursement from your insurance should we not be in the network.