Modern Progress Tracking

Our platform requires therapists to mark progress of each tactic worked on after each session. This data is captured by the platform to display graphs in forms of graphs to quickly indicate slower progress. Therapists utilize these progress reports to enhance therapy tactics on an ongoing basis. 

Multi User Access w/ Visibility Permissions and Restrictions

Our platform is designed to give varying levels of access to view and access teachers, therapists, school administrators. 

Integratable to Other Technology

Ability to integrate our platform with existing technology such as PowerSchool, Canvas, other technology platforms


Our platform stores health and educational  information, hence, our entire technology infrastructure complies with HIPAA, COPPA and FERPA. 

Resources for Parents & Therapist

HelloHero has a resource library located within our platform that contains extensive information, tips, and tools that can be utilized by both our therapist and parents. This library is updated regularly to ensure our therapist and parents have access to up to date information regarding the issues that affect our children.

Compliance Red Flagging Systems

Our platform will compare IEP required hours to actual time spent with therapists to immediately display areas that need to be addressed. 

Centralized Record Keeping

Our platform offers a centralized location for documents, forms, and case notes for easy access for authorized school personnel and therapists. 

Hybrid Planning

Option to deliver online services while at school or home

Comprehensive Dashboard

Our platform displays attendance, progress, compliance data and more in easy to read graphs