What You Can Expect as a Provider With HelloHero

HelloHero’s clinical team is committed to providing
compassion & care to all providers to promote their
ability to make an impact during their career.
HelloHero’s clinical team offers the provider trust and
courage to help them develop


Take your job with you, WFH, self scheduling.

Individualized Compensation

Creativing individualized compensations package that works for the person, based on needs.

Building a Providers Community

At HelloHero, we encourage and support networking amongst clinicians.
We offer social groups to get to know your teammates and we facilitate
interdisciplinary communication and cotreatment with other disciplines
We believe a transdisciplinary approach will lead to the best outcomes.

Professional Development & support

HelloHero encourages our inner network of clinician’s to offer PD at
reasonable rates to each other. HelloHero also partners with companies
that are offering our providers lower costs to sign up for services and ou
full time providers benefits include professional development

Have you found your calling?

We are always looking for therapists to fill various needs in a multitude of locations.

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My therapist was kind and patient with me. It was fun to interact with her.

Mykel F., Student

Neil’s OHVA Speech Pathologist is working with him on articulating better, and changing inflection of tone….with the use of commands to the puppy. I can tell you that we have the most amazing SLP. To work that into his goals, is genius. We are so impressed with HelloHero.

Parent at Ohio Virtual Academy

Overall great experience, we love the therapist and her willingness to help. My son has applied the learned listening techniques when we are reading and has became more motivated.

Sheenika M., Parent

Communication is a breeze with HelloHero and I really appreciate their transparency. They value our goals and are devoted to our students.

Raquel E., Partner/School

Our provider, Dr. Steve, has been excellent to work with and I am pleased with the customer service HelloHero provides when we have questions, concerns, or additional needs.

Dustin H., Partner/School

My favorite part was working with Jessica. She’s so friendly and pushes me to do more.

Christian B., Student