We live by our values.

Our mission is big, we need heroes to run our company. By joining our team, the table stakes are our core values. These are non-negotiable elements of what it takes to be a part of our tribe.


Do you CARE deeply about the people you serve?


Do you believe that COLLABORATION is the key to making a team thrive?


Do you default to giving and earning TRUST in all areas of life?


Do you have the COURAGE to stand tallest when fear and risk are highest?


Do you believe that IMPACT is the currency of life, and the key to your purpose?

Bringing our values to life

If this is authentically you, you should feel something special. If these values and guiding principles describe you to a tee, let’s chat!

  • We listen actively and consistently
  • We intentionally seek to understand and always be curious
  • When we see others struggle, we jump in the deep in the end with them
  • We love what we do
  • Our standard of leadership is to be the leader we wish we always had
  • We ask questions to seek understanding and challenge ideas
  • We work as a group without ego or bias
  • We leverage expertise with internal and external partners
  • We believe the whole is greater than the sum of our parts
  • We don’t just give feedback, invite feedback
  • We are ALWAYS honest
  • Our actions match our words
  • We are obsessively reliable – so others can always count on us
  • We default to trust
  • We create a safe environment to share ideas
  • We speak with radical candor
  • We do what is right, especially when its hard
  • We treat failure as an opportunity for learning and growth
  • We dare to compete, with determination and grit
  • We take extreme ownership – especially when we make mistakes
  • We make purposeful decisions that are scalable and sustainable
  • We do well – and do good – to make a positive difference
  • We play to each person’s strengths, gifts, talents, and passions
  • We take initiative to lead change
  • We do what it takes

The psychologist we are currently employing through HelloHero is amazing.

Roseanne F., Partner/School

My favorite part was working with Jessica. She’s so friendly and pushes me to do more.

Christian B., Student

My therapist was kind and patient with me. It was fun to interact with her.

Mykel F., Student

I am happy because my child is happy. He loves his sessions and therapists.They are always so positive and yet correct him in a kind way. Even when we’ve been given substitutes they connect with him quickly and provide a productive session. I never have to force him to go to his sessions he willingly goes and is usually early. It has been a wonderful experience.

Yedda J., Parent

I love the Attendance Program. It helps with accountability, and allows student recognition for excellent work.

Terran P., Partner/School

Our Therapist Amy Portenlanger was great. She saw 2 of my children who are completely different and she was able to help them exactly where they needed. She was always professional and friendly. So pleased to have her as a resource!

Nicole B., Parent